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episode 48

Season 2 Premiere: Host to Host

Data Science Leaders | 44:43 | June 14, 2023

Data Science Leaders

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Who’s the best person to share the secrets of Data Science leaders? Try someone who has spent the last year interviewing them! Former industry analyst and new host of the podcast, Dr. Kjell Carlsson, interviews Dave Cole to uncover the surprising things he’s learned in hosting the nearly 50 episodes of season 1.

The two delve into various topics, such as how you may unexpectedly become a data science leader, the experimental foundation of data science, the importance of data science leaders being a part of strategic conversations, and the hard-won best practices that have emerged. They also touch on the sales and marketing aspects of being a data science leader, and the evolving future of data science.

Join as Kjell and Dave discuss:

  • The unexpected origins of data science leaders
  • The emerging consensus on how to drive impact with data science
  • How and why data science is moving higher and higher in organizations
  • The future outlook for data science, and its leaders

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