Rev Virtual Session | Data Science Development Track

Topdanmark, the second largest insurance company in Denmark, has built natural language processing models that inform whether they should accept the risk of insuring a property in real time. Their model-driven workflow, built and deployed in the Domino data science platform, has automated 65-75% of all cases and has reduced the time customers wait for a response determining whether they’ll be insured from five to seven business days down to seconds.

During this session, Topdanmark’s Head of Machine Learning Stig Pedersen will discuss his team’s journey into machine learning, and will describe how they orchestrated their data lake and data science environment to build and deploy models such as the one described above. He’ll share reasons for adopting Domino and describe how the platform has helped his firm manage a team of data scientists. Approximately half of the session duration will be spent taking live questions and engaging in interactive discussion with participants.