Unleash the full value of your people and data

Democratize Enterprise AI

AI-Driven Customer Experiences

Unleash the full value of your people and data through responsible AI at scale. Artefact sits at the intersection of marketing, consulting, and data science - helping these leaders quickly reach a critical level of AI maturity for true consumer-centric innovation across pharmaceutical, financial services, automotive and other key industries.

Build and operate AI fast on Domino’s Enterprise AI Platform facilitated by Artefact’s data, AI, and digital services.

Transform data into value with AI

  • Transform data into value and business impact through the power of AI

  • Ideate, develop, operationalise, and scale AI solutions

  • Support from experts along the entire journey from data strategy to MLOps to business impact

Break business and IT silos

  • Future-proof AI investments using the latest open source and commercial technologies

  • Scale in any environment - across clouds, hybrid, and on-premises

  • Own and govern your AI deployments while avoiding vendor lock-in

Operationalize AI responsibly

  • Operationalize AI at scale fast and safely across the whole model lifecycle

  • Develop, deploy, monitor, and manage models - with the security and oversight you need

  • Accelerate AI impact while managing risk and costs

Artefact is a global leader in data & AI consulting and data-driven marketing services, dedicated to transforming data into business impact and tangible results across the entire value chain of organisations.

Artefact helps its clients put consumers at the heart of their strategy through a comprehensive range of data-driven solutions. Designed to meet today’s clients’ specific needs, our services are delivered via a business-centric approach that is built upon deep AI expertise. We are a connected independent global network and we partner with 1000+ ambitious clients around the globe.

Our 1300+ employees, present in 16 countries (Europe, Americas, Asia, Middle East Africa) are focused on accelerating digital transformation thanks to a unique mix of company assets: cutting-edge AI technologies, agile methodologies for fast delivery and efficient scalability, and teams of market-leading experts in data science and digital marketing, always working together and focusing on business innovation.

Democratize Enterprise AI with Domino & Artefact


Artefact transforms data into value and business impact

Artefact is a global leader in data & AI consultancy and data-driven marketing services.

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Domino’s growing partner ecosystem helps our customers accelerate the development and delivery of models with key capabilities of infrastructure automation, seamless collaboration, and automated reproducibility. This greatly increases the productivity of data scientists and removes bottlenecks in the data science lifecycle.