Domino and VMware: Enterprise AI

Loved by Data Scientists, Trusted by IT

Together, Domino and VMware deliver robust AI-ready infrastructure and multi-cloud management with full model lifecycle capabilities that accelerate AI innovation at scale.

Enterprise-Ready AI

Domino provides Enterprise MLOps capabilities to build, deploy, and monitor models at scale. Any model, any data, any cluster - in data centers, the hybrid/multi-cloud, or at the edge.

With Domino and VMware Cloud Foundation or vSphere with Tanzu, IT can utilize consistent infrastructure and cloud operating models for AI workloads using tools they already know and love.

Run AI Workloads Anywhere

  • Run workloads on the most efficient infrastructure, on-prem or cloud

  • Never run out of compute capacity

  • Improve data access and software supply chain security

Production-Grade Resiliency and Reproducibility

  • Align AI workloads with standard IT infrastructure and cloud operating models

  • Bring models to production faster

  • Collaborate across data science teams, technologies, and locations

Enterprise Governance

  • Provide self-service, governed access to data and compute resources

  • Monitor models and data across compute clusters while complying with data privacy and sovereignty rules

  • Track cost and usage back to business units, projects, and teams

Reduced Costs

  • Achieve better TCO and ROI from central compute and storage resources

  • Optimize compute spend with on-demand dynamic, auto-scaling clusters

  • Reduce internal support costs for DevOps while consolidating disparate stacks

Is Kubernetes the Foundation for Enterprise MLOps?

In this on-demand panel, innovators from NVIDIA and VMware discuss the history of Kubernetes and it's rising prominence in GPU-accelerated data science. Featuring Craig McLuckie (K8s Co-founder & VP of R&D at VMware), Chris Lamb (VP, CUDA, DGX & Cloud Computing at NVIDIA), and Chris Yang (Domino CTO).

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Domino Data Lab & VMware Tanzu Solution Brief

Domino’s growing partner ecosystem helps our customers accelerate the development and delivery of models with key capabilities of infrastructure automation, seamless collaboration, and automated reproducibility. This greatly increases the productivity of data scientists and removes bottlenecks in the data science lifecycle.