Domino Enterprise AI Platform Pricing

Invest in your team with the platform that delivers 542% ROI.
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Simple, predictable pricing so you focus on innovation, not costs

Freedom of choice and predictability are critical for delivering business value from AI. With Domino, you use the Enterprise AI platform in the way that best fits your business, as a fully-managed cloud service with Domino Cloud, or self-managed on-premises or in the cloud.

Domino offers a simple subscription-based pricing model that includes:

  • Per-user subscription with a choice of data science professionals and data analyst licenses
  • A platform subscription that includes access for all user groups and administrators.
  • Additional Data Plane subscriptions for hybrid, multi-cloud deployments

Domino is also available for certified environments such as GxP-compliant Domino Cloud for Life Sciences.

With Domino, you can focus on innovation and maximize the ROI of your AI investments without worrying about unexpected costs.



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Manage Models

Scope and define projects and goals, find and review prior work, and track research progress.

Develop Models

Identify data, create workspaces, collaborate on experiments, and more – all within any environment.

Deploy Models

Publish models as APIs, apps, and launchers, or export them as Docker images for other infrastructure.

Monitor Models

Track data drift, model quality, and other vital health statistics to ensure models perform as expected.

Consume Apps

Interact with models deployed as analytic apps for non-technical users.

Hybrid & multi-cloud data planes

Run workloads on multiple data planes — on-prem, cloud, or hybrid.


Track and reduce AI spending with granular visibility and proactive controls.

Administer Domino

Manage users, track resource usage, create environments, update system configurations, and more!

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