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How Lockheed Martin reduces infrastructure costs with a hybrid approach

Originally aired March, 2023, as part of NVIDIA's GTC Conference.

Lockheed Martin is at the forefront of AI innovation - applying sophisticated, GPU-accelerated machine learning capabilities for manufacturing anomaly detection, supply chain predictive risk management, predictive maintenance for complex aircraft systems, and AI fighter drone systems. Lockheed uses a hybrid strategy for the unique advantages of both AWS GovCloud and on-prem clusters to get the best of both worlds - greater performance and cost optimization - while reducing siloed infrastructure sprawl.

Join this session with AI leaders from Lockheed, NVIDIA, and Domino Data Lab to learn about hybrid and multi-cloud best practices for breaking down infrastructure and collaboration silos, reducing costs, and standardizing governance.

Featured Speakers

Jonathan Sokoll

AI Developer Advocacy Manager, Lockheed Martin

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Jon-Cody manages the AI Developer community of practice, overseeing AI training programs and supporting enterprise AI tools with the goal of increasing AI adoption and momentum at Lockheed Martin. He is an experienced data scientist with a demonstrated history of deploying machine learning powered applications. With a background in management consulting and social science research, JC informs a practical approach to problem solving, allowing him to dedicate his time to closing the gap between machine learning research and real-world applications. He is an experienced data science teacher for programs at Deloitte, General Assembly, and Lambda School, with skills in Python, machine learning, HTML/CSS/JS, and TensorFlow.

Kevin Carlson

Director, Technology Office, Lockheed Martin

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Kevin Carlson is a director in the Technology Office at Lockheed Martin leading technical transformation – focusing on the intersection of technology, people, and process. He works to deploy new technology solutions into production across Lockheed Martin’s complex IT environment, balancing time-to-value with governance and security. Over his 20+ years at Lockheed Martin, he has spurred large-scale shifts in how IT services are delivered to the business - redefining what DevOps is in the context of Lockheed’s stringent security requirements. Spanning technical solution design, integration with other production services, risk management, and change management, Kevin is an expert in driving large-scale cultural shifts for digital transformation.

Thomas Robinson

Chief Operating Officer, Domino Data Lab

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Thomas Robinson is VP of strategic partnerships and corporate development at Domino, where he's responsible for building Domino's partner ecosystem, developing offerings providing differentiated value to partners. He previously acted as Domino's chief people officer, responsible for building an organization to unleash data science to address the world's most important challenges.


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Cost-Effective Scale

Learn how Lockheed combines cloud and on-premises solutions to right-size resources for maximum efficiency with flexibility, scalability, data security, reduced latency, and resilience for AI workloads. 

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Adoption Through Governance

Shift the conversation from "controlling access" to "enabling cutting-edge use cases." Scale AI across thousands of users with robust cost and cyber security measures to maintain the right guardrails for AI services — without slowing down developers.