Why financial services seek to innovate AI/ML technology

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Discover 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, AI/ML uses cases 2024 survey findings

Financial services continue to adopt AI to transform office operations, with the aim of optimizing customer experience, enhancing operational efficiency, and accelerating data decision-making leveraging AI analytics. However, security has become top of mind for banks, especially around risk, digital, and data security. According to 451 Research’s AI and machine learning use cases 2024 survey, “It is not surprising, therefore, that respondents’ top-cited use cases for AI/ML in the banking sector today are digital/data security and risk assessment, each cited by 54% of survey respondents.”

As you read 451 Research’s brief, “Banking on AI: An understanding of ML use cases and issues,” you’ll discover:

  • Why the financial services sector is innovating its technology and seeking generative AI (GenAI) benefits
  • How data-driven decision making is driving organizations to adopt all types of AI
  • Business impact use cases for ML — sales forecasting, customer support, and digital accessibility services
  • Top considerations for prioritizing AI deployment for financial services
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