Optimizing your architecture for AI innovation

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June 18th – 9 am PST | 12pm EST | 5pm BST

Enterprises everywhere want to adopt AI and harness its massive capabilities. Domino recently partnered with research firm BARC to better understand the challenges enterprises face in their AI adoption.

The results were eye-opening.

Companies are looking for the right people to drive AI enablement. They worry about costs and organizational barriers. They are not sure how to properly use the data they have gathered over the years. They also want to mitigate the risks AI brings. So, how do you overcome these barriers?

Domino and BARC will look to answer many of these questions in this webinar. We are lucky to have the report co-author and industry expert Shawn Rogers join Domino’s head of strategy, Kjell Carlsson. Together, they will tackle some of these thorny issues:

  • The top 3 strategies your organization can use to address the AI skill gap.
  • The resources you need to support and enable your company´s AI innovation strategy
  • How to approach responsible AI and what elements to prioritize
  • How to manage Large Language Models (LLMs) in the enterprise
  • The leading AI use cases organizations are deploying today, planning for, and researching for tomorrow

Featured Speakers

Shawn Rogers headshot

Shawn Rogers


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Shawn Rogers is the CEO of BARC US and brings over 28 years of experience to the role. He is an internationally respected industry analyst, speaker, author, and instructor on data, business intelligence, analytics, AI/ML, and cloud technologies. His former executive strategy roles with Dell, Statistica, Quest Software, and TIBCO give him a unique perspective on the software industry.

Kjell Carlsson Headshot

Kjell Carlsson, Ph.D.

Head of AI Strategy

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Kjell Carlsson is the head of AI strategy at Domino Data Lab where he advises organizations on scaling impact with AI technologies. Previously, he covered AI, ML, and data science as a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research. He has written dozens of reports on AI topics ranging from computer vision, MLOps, AutoML, and conversation intelligence to augmented intelligence, next-generation AI technologies, and data science best practices. He has spoken in countless keynotes, panels, and webinars, and is frequently quoted in the media. Dr. Carlsson is also the host of the Data Science Leaders podcast and received his Ph.D. from Harvard University.