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Exclusive Conference Replays: Strategy for AI and Data Science Impact At Your Fingertips!
Domino CEO Nick Elprin Speaking at the Rev4 Conference

Learn from top industry leaders and subject matter experts. At REV4, they converged to share the knowledge, insights, and best practices essential to unlocking the full potential of AI & data science. The event covered hot topics from Generative AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to data visualization techniques. Now, grab a front-row seat to the data-driven trends and strategies reshaping the world’s largest enterprises... available to you on demand.

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Keynote Sessions: Strategy and Vision for an AI-Powered World

At this year's REV4, leading visionaries, innovators, and experts came together to explore the dynamic landscape of AI and its profound impact on our world. Join us as we reflect on the game-changing ideas in thought-provoking sessions discussing an AI-powered tomorrow.

REV4 Opening Keynote: Domino CEO Nick Elprin

In this keynote, Nick shares Domino's vision for the next phase in enterprise AI and data science. He discusses how Domino empowers its Fortune 100 customers to incorporate Generative AI and Large Language Models - rapidly, economically, and responsibly.

Goldman Sachs CIO Marco Argenti: AI, Data, and Cultural Transformation

Discover the power of technology at Goldman Sachs as CIO Marco Argenti discusses AI, data strategies, and cultural transformation.

Delighting Customers with Responsible Generative AI

Northwestern Mutual's Christian Mitchell on the balanced approach to generative AI, emphasizing the need for ethical usage, harnessing team enthusiasm, and leading the industry to benefit their clients.

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Science, Data and AI

Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses science, AI, and data. He touches upon the potential of AI in different fields, such as healthcare, astronomy, and personal devices.

Google's Cassie Kozyrkov: Embracing Generative AI

Explore the future of Data Science amidst the Generative AI revolution: Collaboration, automation, and the power of thoughtful decision-making.

Understanding Human Irrationality and Promoting Objective Thinking

Professor Steven Pinker discusses the concept of rationality, human tendencies towards irrationality, and the role of objective thinking in driving progress.

AI's Revolutionary Benefits, Ethical Challenges, and the Path Forward

Wired Magazine editor Steven Levy on AI's promise & concerns, as healthcare, vehicle, and manufacturing applications grow amidst privacy debates.

Karim Lakhani: AI-driven transformation

Harvard Business School professor Karim R. Lakhani presents a vision of AI-driven transformation and highlights the opportunities and challenges that come with it.

Gregory Zuckerman: Achievement, Success and Unlikely Accomplishments

Noted author and Wall Street Journal reporter Gregory Zuckerman discusses various topics related to achievement, success, and unlikely accomplishments.

What Business Leaders Need to Know about AI Ethics

In this session, Reid Blackman -- a former philosophy professor, CEO of Virtue, and author of “Ethical Machines" -- lays out a multistage plan that companies should use to operationalize data and AI ethics. Blackman's talk will be a practical guide for how your company can manage the serious risks posed by AI.

Life Science: Accelerating Breakthrough and Modernizing R&D

As pharma and life science companies are in the midst of a transformative period driven by AI. Learn from the experts about how cloud and open source enable leaders to move ahead of the pack.

Taking Advantage of Disruptive Technologies: The People Aspect

In this session, leaders from GSK, Veramed, and Achieve Intelligence will discuss the challenges they have faced with modern technology and applying data sciences, specifically with respect to process changes and workforce enablement. They will discuss their experiences in how to lead organizations forward without initially slowing business down.

Demystifying Data Science Tech in a Regulated World

In the Pharmaceutical industry, IT organizations face a daunting challenge of supporting R&D innovation and acceleration, while also meeting global regulations meant to protect patients. Overcoming those hurdles is rapidly becoming critical for getting new therapies to patients in need. This session will consider how the right IT strategy can overcome these challenges and power success.

Championing an Open Source Revolution in a Highly Regulated Industry

The use of open source in the highly regulated area of clinical trials has been an area of much debate for a variety of reasons. In this session, we will discuss the history of how the R movement for clinical trials reporting began and how it has evolved, the challenges that were faced and how they were overcome, the next set of challenges moving forward, and where we will be in the near and distant future.

AI and Data Science Strategy

Data science leaders have the challenging responsibility of steering technology, innovation, and business expectations in the right direction. Here are some who shared their lessons on how to flourish in a constantly evolving landscape.

Architecting Winning Data Science Teams at Vanguard

In this talk, we will explore the essential roles necessary for building a successful data science team. Join us to discover how to architect data science teams that drive real business value.

Making the Impossible Possible: Succeeding at the Evolving Role of the CDAO

Drawing on extensive expertise in advanced analytics, business strategy, and AI-driven digital transformation, panelists will delve into the pressing challenges and lucrative opportunities faced by CDOs and CDAOs in today's data-driven economy.

AI Leadership – The Limiting Factor

AI leadership will determine whether the U.S. wins or loses the global tech competition. Based on 30 years leading analytics and AI in government and industry, Chris and Frank will share leader practices that you can put to work right away. Based on their new book and online courses.

Revolutionize Decision Making with External Data

Explore the potential of external data using real-world case studies from the hedge fund industry.

IT as the Enterprise hero: Enabling AI Innovation

IT is playing a key role in the AI revolution. Successful organizations demonstrated how classic functions like data, infrastructure, security, and DevOps can play help innovation thrive. Learn from the experts below.

Five Things that Data Scientists Wish IT Understood About Data Science

IT seeks to strike a balance between data science empowerment, data security and budgets discipline. Learn more from RGA's Jeff Heaton.

How Merck Drives Effective Marketing in a Highly-Regulated and Privacy-Focused World

A glimpse into the unique complexities pharmaceutical marketers face while operating under regulatory constraints with Merck's Jeev Kiriella.

Mind the Gap: How IT and Data Science Teams Can Scale Models in Regulated Industries

Learn how DS leaders successfully overcome the data science-IT gap, and how model lifecycle processes were put in place to ensure model KPIs are met and maintained.

Who's Responsible for Responsible AI

NYU Professor Julia Stoyanovich provides an overview of the motivations and key reasoning behind the need to support Responsible AI practices