How Topdanmark scales enterprise MLOps

Topdanmark's machine learning center of excellence infuses a model-driven competitive advantage in insurance

Recorded: NVIDIA GTC, November, 2021

Topdanmark’s Head of Machine Learning Stig Pederson and Domino CEO Nick Elprin discuss how Topdanmark, one of Denmark’s largest insurers, is infusing models throughout operations for fraud detection, policy approvals, and risk management — improving customer experience for a competitive advantage. They’ll discuss what it takes to become model-driven by removing process and technology bottlenecks for unobstructed data science innovation.

Nick will share best practices from G2000 organizations who’ve implemented Enterprise MLOps platforms to centralize and scale data science efforts. Learn about:

  1. Infrastructure and technology decisions that data science and IT leaders should consider while building an MLOps strategy.
  2. The business value Topdanmark is seeing in integrating models and leading-edge technology like natural language processing into insurance industry use cases
  3. First-hand advice on scaling a machine learning center of excellence to manage the full data science life cycle.

Featured Speakers

Stig Pederson


Stig Pedersen is Topdanmark's head of the Machine Learning Centre of Excellence, responsible for machine learning and data science at the leading Danish insurance firm. Having first worked as part of business units commercializing other technology by working to deploy robotic process automation models, Stig saw the value of machine learning and data science.

John Ashley


John Ashley leads the Global Financial Services Industry strategy team at NVIDIA. He started and led the Professional Services Deep Learning practice for NVIDIA and the NVIDIA Deep Learning Professional Services Partner program, working to help customers and partners adopt and deliver deep learning solutions.

Nick Elprin


Nick Elprin is the CEO and co-founder of Domino Data Lab, provider of the open data science platform that powers model-driven enterprises such as Allstate, Bristol Myers Squibb, Dell and Lockheed Martin.


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Scaling MLOps in Insurance

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Hear from Topdanmark's Stig Pedersen, Domino Data Lab’s CEO Nick Elprin, and NVIDIA's John Ashley.