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David Weedmark

David Weedmark is a published author who has worked as a project manager, software developer and as a network security consultant.

Machine Learning

Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning: What’s the Difference?

Of all the thousands of algorithms available for machine learning, or ML, the vast majority use one of three main branches of learning techniques.

By David Weedmark8 min read

Machine Learning

Computer Vision in Deep Learning: An Introductory Guide

Computer vision is one of the most advanced and fascinating fields of data science, allowing computer technology to see as humans do and to represent data back to humans through visual imagery. While advances in computer vision have exploded just in the past couple of years, its roots and its first breakthroughs go back nearly 60 years.

By David Weedmark9 min read

Machine Learning

A Guide to Natural Language Processing for Text and Speech

While humans have been using language since we arose, a complete understanding of language is a lifelong pursuit that often comes short, even for experts. To task computer technology with comprehending language, translating and even producing original written works represents a series of problems that are still in the process of being solved.

By David Weedmark7 min read

Reinforcement Learning

What Is Reinforcement Learning and How Is It Used?

When you do something well, you’re rewarded. This simple principle has guided humans since the beginning of time, and now, more than ever before, it is the key principle behind a growing number of reinforcement learning (RL) agents within the technologies we use and rely upon every day.

By David Weedmark8 min read

Machine Learning

Introduction to Deep Learning and Neural Networks

Phrases like deep learning and neural networks may be synonymous with artificial intelligence in the public’s minds, but for the data science teams that work with them, they are a breed of their own. Behind the dashboards of self-driving cars and below the online apps we use every day are a series of complex, interweaving algorithms that were inspired by the neurobiology of the human brain.

By David Weedmark12 min read

Machine Learning

A Detailed Guide To Transfer Learning and How It Works

For data science teams working with inadequate data or too much data and not enough time or resources to process it, transfer learning can represent a significant shortcut in machine learning model development. Most often associated with deep learning and neural networks, it’s also being used in place of traditional machine learning model training techniques as a method of accelerating development.

By David Weedmark8 min read

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