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Kimberly Shenk


Measuring A Data Science Team's Business Value & Success

This blog post covers metrics that help data science leaders ensure their team’s work is aligned to business value.

By Kimberly Shenk9 min read

Data Science

Emotional Intelligence for Data Science Teams

We surveyed and interviewed some of our most successful customers to learn how they align their data science team with their business. The challenges involved are not technical, which is why the solutions may not come easy to data science practitioners and managers.

By Kimberly Shenk7 min read

Data Science

Fighting Child Exploitation with Data Science

Every day, 100,000 new escort ads are posted online. That is according to Thorn, a nonprofit that fights child sexual exploitation through technology innovation. Other studies by Thorn on the underage sex trafficking situations of survivors have shown that 63% of them had been advertised online at some point. The massive online commercial sex market is extremely difficult to fight, which has inspired the start of an annual hackathon to bring cross-industry experts together to work on child safety.

By Kimberly Shenk4 min read

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