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Thomas Been2023-06-13 | 7 min read

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Do you know what excites me more than AI? Joining the Domino team as CMO. I know I’m not exactly the only AI enthusiast. Yet there's more to AI than ChatGPT, which may or may not have helped me write this post. Throughout my career, I have worked at the intersection of technology, and data, as I’ve always been fascinated by their transformational impact on organizations. Like all of us, I know we are at an inflection point. The emergence of widely available LLMs highlights the importance of machine learning models and how they redefine how we work, learn, and live. And Domino is already how leading companies make AI happen.

Let me start by explaining why models are so important now and are one of the main capabilities organizations need to master today:

  • Models are the new software - They drive experiences, take critical decisions, and are your new products. Every organization needs to weave these models into its operational fabric. And find the balance between models available to everyone and their model, those that will differentiate them.
  • Their potential impact is immense - Models can answer some of the world’s biggest problems. There are risks, and how we drive the technology, its adoption, and the related changes will dictate the impact. Responsible AI is more than a topic. It’s a founding principle.
  • We must choose wisely now - This change also happens in tough economic times. We’re not in a situation anymore where organizations can make AI happen “at all costs.” The cost-efficiency is critical to realize the full value of AI.

Harvard professors Karim R. Lakhani and Marco Iansiti explain how organizations succeed in their book: Competing in the Age of AI. Organizations need “AI factories” that combine the data, the algorithms, the experimentation, and the infrastructure to drive their business with the right decisions. Those that build and operationalize AI will win today and create an advantage that will grow exponentially tomorrow.

At Rev 4, Domino’s AI conference, industry leaders such as New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, Lockheed Martin, GSK, UBS,and many others shared the practices that make them successful now that they have the right platform and processes:

  • Focus - Successful AI initiatives always start with clear business expectations. Tracking progress toward outcomes ensures sustainable success and paves the way for more!
  • Teamwork - Data science and IT teams must collaborate with business stakeholders and experts to make an impact sooner. They need the right processes and environments to do so!
  • Practice - Repetition makes perfection. The ability to iterate and evolve models rapidly increases their impact and keeps enterprises ahead of the competition and rapidly evolving markets.

The leading companies which appeared at Rev have already built such factories. Yet their elements remain a distant future for many other organizations that, let’s face it, are still mostly experimenting with AI. These experimenters struggle to attract skilled AI talent and provide them with open environments necessary to innovate. They also struggle to secure the resources to deploy cutting-edge AI. And this is why I’m so excited about joining Domino than AI: we have the answer to these challenges.

We’ve built an open platform that runs wherever your data is, from the cloud to your data centers. It also deploys models wherever intelligence is needed, from your applications to devices on the edge. With Domino, teams gain:

  • Centralization - Domino centralizes all of the critical resources needed for AI. Teams have instant, self-service access to the data, computing resources, techniques, and people required to build and operate models quickly! The impact? Models not only make it to production more often and easily, but they can also scale to fulfill the needs of customer experiences and critical processes while keeping costs in check.
  • Collaboration - The fact that teams love working together onDomino and the ability to incorporate the latest open-source innovation transforms how companies work on AI. Models reach production faster, shortening their time to market to drive revenue and differentiation. The best practices and data available in the platform also shorten the time to innovate, keeping companies ahead.
  • Control - The platform provides unparalleled reproducibility and visibility by storing all the data and steps that led to a model’s creation. Enterprises can track and act on their models' behavior instantly. This responsible approach to AI mitigates risks and allows using models competitively in rapidly-evolving environments.

Leaders in all industries use Domino to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. The chances are you are protected from diseases by drugs and vaccines, eat fresher food, and connect to loved ones, thanks to models built with Domino. Interestingly, Domino has many customers in regulated industries: life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, telco, and insurance. These leaders share a deep understanding of humans and how to make us live longer and in better conditions. Domino is also validated by partners defining the AI, Data, and cloud spaces: NVIDIA, Snowflake, AWS, and more.

There are new data sciences and machine learning developments every week, and Domino is the platform for its customers to lead with AI. Domino's open approach, the team’s passion, and our customers' achievements are great sources of inspiration. I can’t wait to work with the whole team to bring our brand and voice to the market, work with the community on AI innovations, and translate them into value for data science, IT, and business audiences. The start of the journey is already fun, and there’s more to come soon. Reach out or visit our HQ in San Francisco (the capital city of AI!) to learn more about how AI will impact your business and our world.

Thomas is a seasoned marketing executive with global experience building and managing marketing teams that establish brand awareness/market leadership and contribute to revenue. He has held technical and sales roles, though marketing has taught him the importance of alignment across functions. For Thomas, marketing affords him the opportunity to learn and leverage two primary interests: the transformative power of technology, as well as customer experience and interactions. He is a US resident with a French passport and a global perspective that drives his work to impact organizations, build effective marketing teams, and continue learning.



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