Five Reasons You Cannot Miss Domino at PHUSE EU Connect 2023

Domino Data Lab2023-10-25 | 4 min read

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November 5 - 8

ICC Birmingham

Connect with us on-site by attending our sessions and workshop, stopping by our booth, or joining us for our SCE Brunch!

The PHUSE EU Connect event is right around the corner, scheduled for November 5-8 at the ICC Birmingham. If you're interested in AI, statistical computing environments, and the latest in open source, you won't want to miss what Domino Data Lab has to offer. Here are the top five reasons to connect with us during the event:

1. Up Close with Domino's Enterprise AI Platform at Booth #10

Our booth is more than just a place to stop by; it's an opportunity to see our platform in action. Learn firsthand how we enable organizations to modernize and innovate. Our booth will be the gateway to future readiness. Request a demo today!

2. Enhance your Skills and Productivity with AI and the Latest Open Source Tools

Our team of experts will conduct workshops and presentations showcasing the latest open source available for statistical programmers today. Don't miss the "Ditch the Macro Madness: Crafting R from Macros via AI" workshop Petter Olsson and Ross Sharp led on November 6th. On November 7th, you can find out what "The Open Source SCE" is all about with Caroline Phares, who will also participate in the open source panel. Also, on November 7th, don’t miss Nikolay Manchev’s presentation on using large language models to generate code in "Generative AI: the Potential and the Risks". These presentations will not only be eye-opening but also immediately actionable. See the schedule!

3. Exclusive SCE Brunch: Connect, Discuss, Collaborate

For those in the SCE Coalition or interested in becoming part of it, we’re hosting an exclusive brunch on Sunday, November 5th. This gathering is the perfect opportunity to network with industry peers and discuss best practices for statistical programming in Domino. If you're not a member yet, consider this your open invitation to be part of our user group that's shaping the future of statistical programming in Domino. Request an invite!

4. Cocktail Making Masterclass: Networking with a Twist

Networking events often entail dry conversations and forced interactions. Not ours! On the evening of Sunday, November 5th, you're invited to a Cocktail-making Masterclass. It's an excellent way to unwind, learn something new, and connect with other professionals. RSVP to ensure you don’t miss this unique networking opportunity. RSVP now!

5. Personalized Meetings: Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs

We understand that your organization's challenges and requirements are unique. That's why we're offering personalized meetings where you can deep-dive into your specific needs with our team. It’s your chance to gain insights tailored to your enterprise's unique complexities and ambitions. Request an appointment today!

Final Thoughts

Progress has been coming quickly in the clinical space, and open source and AI have been driving it. At Domino, we've built our SCE to meet the statistical programming needs of today and the future. From November 5-8, we invite you to experience these solutions in action at PHUSE EU Connect 2023. Together, we can drive meaningful change and accelerate getting medicines and vaccines to patients who need them.

See you there, and in the meantime, study up on what success looks like with interviews and talks featuring our customers at GSK, Janssen and more! Also, learn how Domino can help life sciences companies get ahead.

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