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Kayla Cytron-Thaler2020-06-04 | 2 min read

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By Kayla Cytron-Thaler, Enterprise Business Development, Domino on June 04, 2020 in Perspective

This was originally posted as a LinkedIn article. Thanks to Kayla for giving us permission to syndicate it here.

Joining Domino Data Lab was a pivotal milestone in my career path. I thought it would be valuable to share why I decided to join the team. Below are the considerations I thought about prior to making this move.


  • It’s important to work for a company that is making a difference and solving the world’s most important challenges. Domino is doing just that by working with companies like Bristol Myers Squibb to help accelerate their fight against cancer and The National Audubon Society to assist with conservation efforts.
  • I wanted to work for a company that is doing something different and special in the marketplace and this became especially apparent after watching “The Era of Model-Driven Business” by Nick Elprin, our CEO.


  • I value working for a company where people are thoughtful, hard working, and passionate. It is important to join an organization where everyone will pull their weight and step in to help, even if the task isn’t in their “job description.” This was noticeable during my hiring/interview process.
  • I have the chance to be part of a new team and help to build processes. I am able to use all the knowledge I acquired at Looker and take it to the next level. Additionally, my team is led by my all time favorite manager, Ryan Anderson. I worked on Ryan’s team at Looker and was inspired to follow him when he joined Domino.
  • It’s important to me to join a company where I know that my contributions are valued and make a difference.
  • Our President, Natalie McCullough is a fearless leader. She is someone who I admire and aspire to be like.

Personal Growth Opportunity

  • I’ve been working in the Business Intelligence (BI) space and I wanted a new challenge. Working in the BI industry has provided me with a good understanding of data as a whole, but data science is a whole different beast. I’m absolutely loving everything I’m learning about - from Docker containers to Kubernetes, and from data science tools to data science workflows.

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