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Performing Non-Compartmental Analysis with Julia and Pumas AI

When analysing pharmacokinetic data to determine the degree of exposure of a drug and associated pharmacokinetic parameters (e.g., clearance, elimination half-life, maximum observed concentration $$C_{max}$$, time when the maximum concentration was observed $$T_{max}$$, Non-Compartmental Analysis (NCA) is usually the preferred approach [1].

By Nikolay Manchev10 min read

Data Science

Bringing Machine Learning to Agriculture

At The Climate Corporation, we aim to help farmers better understand their operations and make better decisions to increase their crop yields in a sustainable way. We’ve developed a model-driven software platform, called Climate FieldView™, that captures, visualizes, and analyzes a vast array of data for farmers and provides new insight and personalized recommendations to maximize crop yield. FieldView™ can incorporate grower-specific data, such as historical harvest data and operational data streaming in from special devices, including (our FieldView Drive) that are installed in tractors, combines, and other farming equipment. It incorporates public and third-party data sets, such as weather, soil, satellite, elevation data and proprietary data, such as genetic information of seed hybrids that we acquire from our parent company, Bayer.

By Jeff Melching10 min read

Data Science

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 5

In Paco Nathan's latest column, he explores the theme of "learning data science" by diving into education programs, learning materials, educational approaches, as well as perceptions about education. He is also the Co-Chair of the upcoming Data Science Leaders Summit, Rev.

By Paco Nathan28 min read

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