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Why Hybrid Cloud is the Next Frontier for Scaling Enterprise Data Science

An exciting new trend is rising in enterprise data science, and it’s breaking down the silos between on-premises and cloud environments to unlock the benefits of each, all while improving collaboration and regulatory compliance. Advanced, model-driven companies—especially the ones that are out-innovating their competitors with machine learning and AI—are adopting hybrid cloud strategies for their data science initiatives. The most advanced are even repatriating data science workloads back on-premises, while simultaneously exploiting the flexibility of multiple cloud environments.

By Kjell Carlsson9 min read


Getting Started with OpenCV

In this article we talk about the foundations of Computer vision, the history and capabilities of the OpenCV framework, and how to make your first steps in accessing and visualising images with Python and OpenCV.

By Dr Behzad Javaheri13 min read

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