How MLOps Helps Financial Services Reinvent in the Digital Age

Originally Aired June 2, 2022

The new digital age is providing traditional banks with unprecedented opportunities.

At the same time, the rules of the financial markets are changing so rapidly that banks need to adapt quickly to remain relevant in the future.

The competitive threats of the internet giants are increasing and the expectations of customers, which are driven by their consumer-internet experiences, continue to grow.

Banks have to overcome the underlying conflict between the need to become faster, more agile, and flexible on the one hand and the scale, security standards, and regulatory requirements of a traditional bank on the other hand.

MLOps platforms like Domino can help banks to reinvent how they engage with their customers, create an AI-based decision-making culture, modernize their application infrastructure and establish a more agile operating model.

What's in it for you?

Increased Productivity

Learn how Data Scientists in banking can become faster and more productive.

Automated Monitoring

See how automated monitoring can help banks make their data science models perform better.

Automated Reproducibility

Experience automated reproducibility of past results to address regulatory requirements for banks.

Increased Collaboration

Understand how banks can increase collaboration in their AI teams.

Meet the speakers

Cassie Kozyrkov

Andreas Heinzerling

Enterprise Account Executive at Domino Data Lab

Andreas has a Master's in Business Administration and more than 10 years of experience in Enterprise Software. He and his colleagues help large companies in the Banking, Insurance, Pharma, and Manufacturing industry to improve their Data Science outcomes by getting models into production faster, promoting collaboration, ensuring reproducibility of model results, and automating model monitoring.

Glenn Hofmann

Petter Olsson

Sales Engineer at Domino Data Lab

Petter Olsson joined Domino Data Lab as a Technical Support Engineer in 2018 and moved to Sales Engineering in the fall of 2021 and has over 20 years of experience in the industry working in 4 different countries across three continents. Previously, he worked as a Systems Administrator at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Petter began his career at Enator in Sweden, working on Tandem's NonStop system and later in various roles worldwide. While living in India, he co-founded a data-driven fitness startup working with the Karnataka State Police and its anti-terrorist squad to optimize nutrition and training.

Unleash the power of data science in your bank

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