Operationalize AI at Scale

Domino accelerates development to production at scale. Bring together producers and consumers of data science work to collaborate on a unified platform through analytical applications like “what-if” analyses and dashboards. Monitor and manage any ML model, wherever it runs, and mitigate business and compliance risks while promoting responsible AI.
Fast stopwatch

Deploy Quickly

Deploy models, apps and dashboards. Schedule batch jobs to enrich data with ML models shift from reactive analytics to predictive analytics using models in-database.

Manage Risk

Review and mitigate risk with automated workflows. Audit-ready data science platform  with best-in-class reproducibility. Enforce compliance requirements with support for regulatory controls.

Monitor Models

Monitor all of your models in a single platform. Automatically detect & remediate data drift & quality degradation.

Deploy models anywhere

Deploy models to the cloud, edge or in-database

  • Deploy models for both batch and real-time predictions at scale, empowering your organization to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • Schedule batch jobs to automatically enrich data at rest using machine learning, freeing up your team's time to focus on analysis and insights.
  • Move from reactive analytics to predictive analytics by leveraging models in databases like Snowflake and Spark.
  • Use models anywhere by exporting to platforms like SageMaker, Snowflake, Databricks, Docker, or NVIDIA FleetCommand giving you flexibility to run your models anywhere, on any device.

Model governance

Review and manage model risk

  • Track all your models regardless of where they were trained with Domino's unified model registry, and get complete lineage tracking for auditability using integrated model cards.
  • Control your model validation, review, and approval processes to include all necessary stakeholders as you build and deploy machine learning applications, ensuring compliance and reducing risk.
  • Leverage a single platform for both data and models to accelerate your path to production. Deploy your models with confidence, using appropriate governance and CI/CD workflows that fit your organization's needs.

Model monitoring

Continuously improve model performance

  • Automatically track data drift and model quality degradation with integrated monitoring and alerts.
  • Quickly identify and remediate issues with a single click to restore your work to its original state to investigate and retrain with ease.
  • Automatically analyze accuracy metrics and ground truth data to suggest improvements and boost your model's performance.

Analytics apps and dashboards

Scale insights and empower the business

  • Empower data scientists to publish and host apps like R Shiny, Dash, Streamlit and more with ease, without the need for DevOps.
  • Securely manage all your apps in one place with Domino, ensuring compliance and access control.
  • Boost productivity by providing self-serve analysis templates to business stakeholders, enabling your data scientists to focus on analysis and insights.

Maximize your model velocity

Understand how well you are positioned to achieve model velocity and get suggested areas of improvement by taking this free 10-minute assessment.

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