Domino Data Lab Joins NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software Program

May 15, 2020

Companies Collaborate to Accelerate AI and ML Workflows, Making Best-in-Class NVIDIA GPUs Easily Accessible to Data Science Teams

San Francisco, May 14, 2020 - Domino Data Lab, provider of the industry-leading open data science platform for large enterprises, today announced it is joining the DGX-Ready Software program by NVIDIA. As part of this program, Domino joins NVIDIA and its partners to further simplify artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure and help enterprises maximize the full potential of this technology.

Domino’s powerful, scalable, and collaborative platform helps data science teams build complex models with centralized access to infrastructure, tools, and compute resources. NVIDIA certified Domino’s platform as part of the DGX-Ready Software program because of its demonstrated ability to deliver a workflow that makes it easy for customers to leverage NVIDIA’s advanced graphics processing units (GPUs) as they build models for AI and machine learning (ML) solutions on NVIDIA DGX™ systems, including the newly announced NVIDIA DGX A100.

“Domino is committed to making data science teams more productive by making it easier for them to use their preferred tools and technologies,” said Nick Elprin, CEO of Domino. “We’re thrilled to help our customers access market-leading NVIDIA GPU technology, and we’re excited for Domino and NVIDIA to unleash the power of ML at more leading enterprises.”

“We’re streamlining the development and deployment of deep learning models to mitigate supply chain risk, analyze manufacturing defects, predict maintenance needs, and more,” said Mike Johnson, lead data scientist at Lockheed Martin. “Domino makes it easy for our data scientists to rapidly access NVIDIA GPUs so we can support complex use cases like training deep neural networks.”

The Domino data science platform complements the NVIDIA DGX deployments with the following:

  • Addresses a common AI workflow pain point: Data science organizations often struggle to implement the right infrastructure to support the unique demands of AI workloads. Domino acts as an orchestration layer to simplify this process, giving data scientists access to the resources, such as Spark on demand, that they need at the touch of a button, with enterprise governance controls.
  • Provides a best-in-class workbench experience for data scientists: Domino’s open platform supports both open source tools and proprietary software, allowing teams to work together with the tools they prefer.
  • Harnesses the power of your DGX systems investment with the Kubernetes-native Domino Compute Grid: Fully compatible with the DGX OS and latest NVIDIA drivers, Domino’s Compute Grid provides accelerated access to DGX-optimized GPU resources that enables enterprise IT to support the full AI lifecycle: from model development, to model training, to model deployment in production at scale.
  • Scales efficiently: Maximize multi-node NVIDIA DGX POD™ utilization. Domino automates provisioning and scheduling of data science workloads for custom resource definitions that help IT get the most value out of DGX hardware.
  • Enables on-demand, self-service access to cutting edge software tools: Domino’s compute environments provide version-controlled implementation of GPU-optimized deep learning frameworks from NVIDIA NGC™ container registry and cutting-edge models for delivering the tools and resources that data science teams require.

The NVIDIA DGX-Ready Software program delivers proven enterprise-grade solutions that increase data science productivity, accelerate AI workflow, and improve accessibility and utilization of AI infrastructure. In combination with NVIDIA DGX system implementations, this full stack solution provides an enterprise-grade AI infrastructure that enables enterprise IT to support the full lifecycle of AI development. See NVIDIA DGX A100 announcement.

About Domino Data Lab

Domino Data Lab provides data science teams with an industry-leading open data science platform that empowers enterprises to manage data science at scale. Model-driven companies like Allstate, Dell, and Bayer use Domino to accelerate breakthrough research, increase collaboration, and rapidly deliver high-impact models. Founded in 2013 and based in San Francisco, Domino is backed by Sequoia Capital, Coatue, Bloomberg Beta, and Zetta Venture Partners. More information at and

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