Embracing flexibility and innovation to modernize clinical trial analytics and reporting

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Embracing flexibility and innovation to modernize clinical trial analytics and reporting

Join Eileen Ching, Director of Clinical Programming, Research & Development at GSK and Caroline Phares, Head of Health and Life Sciences at Domino Data Lab as they reflect on the challenges, lessons learned, and unexpected delights along this journey of transformation, from solution design through to production implementation and execution of live studies.

Meet the Speakers

Eileen Ching

Director of Clinical Programming, Research & Development, GSK

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Eileen Ching is a seasoned and versatile leader with decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to delivering clinical trials reporting efforts and drug submissions, she has successfully led global teams to develop and deliver strategies enabling drug research and development, leveraging her breadth of skills such as statistical programming, software development, project management, process improvement, service management, and technology implementation. She is passionate about transforming the traditional clinical data analysis and reporting processes with technology, data, analytics, and process optimization.

She is currently the Business Lead of a large-scale multi-year program to implement a modern data science platform and deliver transformational changes to GSK R&D Biostatistics. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in Software Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, and an MBA from Temple University.

Caroline Phares

Head of Health and Life Sciences, Domino Data Lab

Caroline Phares leads the Health and Life Sciences strategy for Domino Data Lab. Prior to Domino, she enjoyed 20 years of success at GSK as a business partner and technology leader in designing, delivering, and supporting innovative solutions across R&D. During her time at GSK, she was involved in collaborative efforts with other large pharmaceutical companies and has influenced industry trends in technology solutions to common problems and use cases. She is driven to pursue and implement positive, transformational change through scientific and technological progress, and enjoys applying modern tools and methodologies to problems which may have once seemed unsolvable.