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Daniel Emaasit

Daniel Emaasit is the Founder, CEO and Chief AI Officer of Logisify AI, a startup dedicated to accelerate Africa's progress towards food security, by helping suppliers of food & beverages reduce their cost of last-mile distribution. Daniel was previous a data scientist at Haystax and a PhD candidate at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Data Science

An Introduction to Model-Based Machine Learning

This blog post follows my journey from traditional statistical modeling to Machine Learning (ML) and introduces a new paradigm of ML called Model-Based Machine Learning (Bishop, 2013). Model-Based Machine Learning may be of particular interest to statisticians, engineers, or related professionals looking to implement machine learning in their research or practice.

By Daniel Emaasit15 min read

Data Science

Applied Spatial Data Science with R


By Daniel Emaasit11 min read

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