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Company Updates

Black Lives Matter

By Natalie McCullough, President & COO, Domino on June 19, 2020 in Company Updates

By Natalie McCullough4 min read

Company Updates

A Mindset Shift: From Selling to Supporting

Six months ago, I joined Domino Data Lab as President and Chief Operating Officer. I came to the company to help scale our Go-To-Market functions and lead our business through its next stage of growth, and I was excited by the opportunity to help a young company reach its potential. Our vision at Domino is to be the de facto system of record for data science. Much like is to sales, or GitHub is to engineering, we occupy a solution space that is critical to high-functioning data science teams. And we have a unique point of view about how to enable data scientists as individuals to be more productive, how to support teams of data scientists to collaborate efficiently, and how to support the governance of data science as a function to meet important requirements around explainability, reproducibility, and controls. It’s an exciting vision that we’re seeing take shape with some of our largest customers.

By Natalie McCullough4 min read

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