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Black Lives Matter

Natalie McCullough2020-06-19 | 4 min read

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By Natalie McCullough, President & COO, Domino on June 19, 2020 in Company Updates

As a company, we are feeling anguish, frustration, and a mix of other complex emotions in response to the appalling manifestations of racism we have seen boil over in the last few weeks. We have had several internal discussions around what we can, and will, do as an organization to drive change.

One of Domino’s Core Values is “Seek Truth, Speak Truth”. As such, we want to publicly avow Domino’s support for Black Lives Matter, and our support for the changes that need to happen.

We have also decided to take specific action as a company to do what we can to improve the situation. First, as a set of principles, we want to take action that has the greatest impact, is consistent with our values, and that we can sustain over time. With those principles in mind, we believe there are two primary ways Domino can make a meaningful contribution to combating systemic racism.

The first and most direct course of action is to ensure that Domino is a diverse, inclusive, and equitable organization. The change that needs to happen in the world begins with us as individuals, and with Domino as an organization. We are a leader in our domain, and we have an opportunity to be a leader on this front as well. Specifically, we are committing to implementing the following:

  • Diverse hiring panels for all roles by the end of Q3
  • Enhanced interviewer training across Domino in Q2 and Q3
  • Domino roles posted to job boards targeting underrepresented minorities
  • Targeted campus recruiting at Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • Transparency around diversity metrics with Domino employees, including where we are and our goals

Second, as an enterprise data science platform, we have a unique opportunity to provide an environment that data scientists can use to analyze data on crime and enforcement statistics. Much like the environment we host for COVID-19 research, we can use our unique technology offering to make crime and enforcement statistics data more available to the public and encourage using data to drive policy and other decisions that will improve the situation. We plan to launch this in the next few weeks and have asked our employees to help get this going.

We also want to show our financial support for organizations that are working to end racism globally. Domino’s executive team has personally funded a pool of $5,000 to match employee contributions to nonprofits working on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) — overcoming racism and supporting local community action. Donations will be matched up to $100 each until the pool is exhausted.

Finally, we’ve made today a global company day off from work. Juneteenth is an important day in the history of ending slavery in the United States, and this year, in particular, is a day of planned community action in many parts of the world. We encourage employees to use this time to reflect, and to dedicate some portion of the day to learning about or taking action to combat systemic racism in their community.

This is not everything that will be done, rather it’s the beginning of a journey we are committed to. Please continue to provide us with feedback and ideas, and be assured that we are committed to making Domino an organization where people of all races, genders, and backgrounds can thrive.

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