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Nikolay Manchev

Nikolay Manchev is the Principal Data Scientist for EMEA at Domino Data Lab. In this role, Nikolay helps clients from a wide range of industries tackle challenging machine learning use-cases and successfully integrate predictive analytics in their domain specific workflows. He holds an MSc in Software Technologies, an MSc in Data Science, and is currently undertaking postgraduate research at King's College London. His area of expertise is Machine Learning and Data Science, and his research interests are in neural networks and computational neurobiology.


Increasing model velocity for complex models by leveraging hybrid pipelines, parallelization and GPU acceleration

Data science is facing an overwhelming demand for CPU cycles as scientists try to work with datasets that are growing in complexity faster than Moore’s Law can keep up. Considering the need to iterate and retrain quickly, model complexity has been outpacing available compute resources and CPUs for several years, and the problem is growing quickly. The data science industry will need to embrace parallelization and GPU processing to efficiently utilize increasingly complex datasets.

By Nikolay Manchev10 min read


Reinforcement Learning: The K-armed bandit problem

In a previous blog post we talked about the foundations of reinforcement learning. We covered classical and operant conditioning, rewards, states, and actions, and did a review of some common reinforcement learning use-cases. This entry is a continuation of the series. In it, we present the k-armed bandit problem - a very simple setting that enables us to introduce the interaction between some of the key components of reinforcement learning.

By Nikolay Manchev9 min read


Getting Started with Ray

In this blog post we give a quick introduction to Ray. We talk about the architecture and execution model, and present some of Ray's core paradigms such as remote functions and actors.

By Nikolay Manchev12 min read


Spark, Dask, and Ray: Choosing the Right Framework

Apache Spark, Dask, and Ray are three of the most popular frameworks for distributed computing. In this blog post we look at their history, intended use-cases, strengths and weaknesses, in an attempt to understand how to select the most appropriate one for specific data science use-cases.

By Nikolay Manchev15 min read

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