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Domino + Accenture Accelerate Clinical Research Together

Thomas Robinson2020-12-02 | 4 min read

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By Thomas Robinson, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives, Domino on December 02, 2020 in Company Updates

In this critical time of a pandemic, there is a heightened interest in how pharmaceutical treatments are discovered and developed – people are interested in the science behind the science.

We at Domino Data Lab, provider of the leading open enterprise data science management platform trusted by over 20% of the Fortune 100, joined Accenture’s INTIENT Network partner ecosystem, which is designed to accelerate drug discovery and development efforts in partnership with software and life sciences organizations to improve patient outcomes. What that means is now, the FDA-Qualified Accenture INTIENT Clinical managed analytics environment is built on the Domino Data Science Platform as the core workbench, delivering an end-to-end clinical trial solution for pharmaceutical companies.

The INTIENT Network is integral to Accenture’s INTIENT Platform. It enables insights and collaboration across the life sciences enterprise to improve productivity, efficiency and innovation in drug discovery to clinical studies. Accenture works with select independent software vendors (ISVs) and organizations, including Domino Data Lab, to integrate their technologies and content into the INTIENT Clinical product suite. With the help of Domino’s data science platform, life sciences teams can now successfully test tens of thousands of hypotheses with collaboration and full reproducibility.

As many now know from watching and waiting on the COVID-19 vaccine development, there is a significant amount of data modeling and statistical analytics involved in developing a treatment. Streamlined management of that data is required. To address this, the Domino platform will now be available to life sciences companies within a common informatics framework that handles core infrastructure requirements such as data ingestion and cleansing, security and IP management, request management workflow, enterprise search, data governance, and collaboration environments. By providing the Domino Data Science Platform within INTIENT, we bring our expertise working with global health and life sciences research organizations on clinical trial workflows to a new set of pharmaceutical companies driven to propel research innovation. Customers gain a centralized research platform that offers security and scalability with technology and tool choice.

We believe our participation in the ecosystem and integration with INTIENT will give scientists a crucial workbench that will support their quest to interpret growing volumes of rich, diverse data that are generated in drug development.

The Domino platform centralizes data science work and infrastructure across the enterprise for collaborative model development, training, deployment, and overall life cycle management – with agility and efficiency. With Domino, scientists and clinical researchers can innovate faster, teams collaborate and build on prior works with security, oversight and compliance. Data science leaders gain greater visibility into projects, and IT teams can manage and govern infrastructure usage and costs. For more information on the platform visit the website.

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Thomas Robinson is the VP of Strategic Partnerships and Corporate development at Domino, where he's responsible for building Domino's partner ecosystem, developing offerings providing differentiated value to partners. He previously acted as Domino's chief people officer, responsible for building an organization to unleash data science to address the world's most important challenges. Prior to Domino, Thomas worked at Bridgewater Associates, driving strategic transformation efforts, first as a director in Bridgewater's Core Technology Department to define the next generation of enterprise architecture, and then as a general manager focused on recruiting and retaining technical talent.



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