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Lowering GenAI infrastructure compute spending with FinOps strategy
Cost-Effective Data Science

5 steps to lower generative AI (GenAI) costs and maximize impact

Despite its costs, GenAI also has the potential to transform internal processes, employee productivity, and operational efficiencies like no other technology. Learn how prioritizing projects, optimizing infrastructure, and employing FinOps software can save time and money.

By Leila Nouri13 min read

Two IT professionals working in front of a large screen
Data Science Strategy

Unleash enterprise AI: BARC report points the way for IT

AI integration brings many IT challenges. A BARC report offers the insights you need.

By Yuval Zukerman7 min read

Generative AI

NVIDIA GTC 2024: We have the power, now we must tame it to build our AI-driven future

If there is one word to sum up this year’s NVIDIA GTC conference, it is “Power.” It's up to us to figure out how to use it.

By Kjell Carlsson2 min read

A small tree with ripe, low hanging fruit
Generative AI

Set Yourself Up for Generative AI Success with the Top “Low Hanging” Use Cases

For most companies, Generative AI (GenAI) is no longer a question of if but how. Companies now face a critical decision that may determine whether their GenAI endeavors thrive or peter out in disillusionment.

By Kjell Carlsson4 min read

2023 Generative AI Survey Report Research
Generative Models

What The Experts Expect of Generative AI: Domino's 2023 REVelate Survey

Generative AI is moving swiftly from intriguing novelty to top priority for your digital transformation strategy. It is hijacking conversations everywhere, from the boardroom to the dining room. But what do the top data science leaders and practitioners from the world’s most advanced AI companies really think? How transformative do they believe Generative AI really is? What problems and risks do they see, and how are they going about turning Generative AI into tangible business value? We surveyed them to find out.

By Kjell Carlsson7 min read

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