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Machine Learning

A Guide to Natural Language Processing for Text and Speech

While humans have been using language since we arose, a complete understanding of language is a lifelong pursuit that often comes short, even for experts. To task computer technology with comprehending language, translating and even producing original written works represents a series of problems that are still in the process of being solved.

By David Weedmark7 min read

Data Science

Enterprise-class NLP with spaCy v3

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By David Bloch7 min read

Data Science

Natural Language Processing in Python using spaCy: An Introduction

This article provides a brief introduction to natural language using spaCy and related libraries in Python.

By Paco Nathan15 min read

Data Science

Comparing the Functionality of Open Source NLP Libraries

In this guest post, Maziyar Panahi and David Talby provide a cheat sheet for choosing open source NLP libraries.

By Maziyar Panahi & David Talby7 min read

Machine Learning

Creating Multi-language Pipelines with Apache Spark or Avoid Having to Rewrite spaCy into Java

In this guest post, Holden Karau, Apache Spark Committer, provides insights on how to create multi-language pipelines with Apache Spark and avoid rewriting spaCy into Java. She has already written a complementary blog post on using spaCy to process text data for Domino. Karau is a Developer Advocate at Google as well as a co-author on High Performance Spark and Learning Spark. She also has a repository of her talks, code reviews, and code sessions on Twitch and Youtube.

By Holden Karau5 min read

Data Science

Making PySpark Work with spaCy: Overcoming Serialization Errors

In this guest post, Holden Karau, Apache Spark Committer, provides insights on how to use spaCy to process text data. Karau is a Developer Advocate at Google, as well as a co-author of "High Performance Spark" and "Learning Spark". She has a repository of her talks, code reviews and code sessions on Twitch and YouTube. She is also working on Distributed Computing 4 Kids.

By Domino8 min read

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