Make AI Responsible by Default

Embed responsible policies into every workflow and model.

Domino Sentry Makes AI Safer & Compliant

Make AI Audit-Ready

All models are audit-ready with guaranteed reproducibility and embedded audit trails that record all lineage (code, data, environments, results, versions).

Enforce AI Safety Policies

Enforce AI policies with out-of-the-box templates that automate workflows for building and operating models safely and reliably.

Maintain Consistent Standards

Integrated model review, staging, testing, and approval workflows help embed and enforce requirements for every model, every time.

Ensure Fairness & Accuracy

Model monitoring and remediation continually score model accuracy and detect drift. These mechanisms help prevent unfair and biased models from entering production environments.

Key Capabilities

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Project Templates

Share best practices and standards

Enforce best practices by incorporating your policies into every project and model with standard checklists, evaluation tools, and codified conventions.

Automatic lineage tracking for compliance

Guaranteed reproducibility

Automatic lineage tracking for compliance

Domino tracks all model lineage by automatically versioning code, data, environments, and results for guaranteed reproducibility and compliance. Domino can support GXP-compliant and non-GXP on a single platform.

Model performance & analysis

Model Cards

Review models for deployment

Domino improves transparency by automatically recording models' purposes, lineage, downstream usage, performance, limitations, and biases. This allows teams to evaluate whether models are ready for production, and mitigate risks.

Model Registry

A unified view of all your models

View all of your models with their status, metadata, and evolution (e.g., code, data, parameters, environments, results, versions) for auditability and tracking. Never lose track of your models, whether developed in Domino or not.

Model Staging

Test and evaluate models

Verify that models are tested and evaluated in isolated non-production environments and view all models and their status in a single pane of glass.

Model Monitoring

Track model quality and relevance

Score model accuracy and relevance, detect model drift, automatically capture predictions, and incorporate human validation so models perform as expected for stakeholders.

Audit Logging

View logs of all user actions

Domino automatically records all user actions, data, model changes, and system events — without user intervention — so you can reconstruct everything for compliance.



Responsible Generative AI

Walk away with toolsets, processes, and next steps for mitigating risks.


Model Monitoring Best Practices

Understand data drift and how to identify models that are degrading.

Balancing AI Innovation


Balancing Innovation and Governance in FinServ

Model faster and reduce risk on a unified analytics and data science platform.