Domino for Data Science Leaders

Accelerate Data Science Project Delivery

Reduction in end-to-end model lifecycle time
Faster onboarding for new data scientists
Decrease in model deployment time
ROI as measured by Forrester Consulting

Let’s face it, empowering your team to scale data science is hard. Outdated tools and lots of manual work make for low morale and productivity. Models don’t get deployed, or make bad predictions. Teams duplicate work with low visibility to and reuse of other data science work. As a leader, you lack visibility to model portfolios and their performance. Without the right technology, data science remains experimental and ad hoc. In fact, our recent survey found that 68% of analytics professionals believe it’s “somewhat difficult” and 37% claim it’s “very to extremely difficult” to get models into production to impact business decisions.

Why Domino?

Domino's enterprise MLOps platform centralizes data science infrastructure so you can scale how you manage teams and projects, improve collaboration, and accelerate project delivery.

Open & Flexible Infrastructure

Empower your team and retain top talent with self-serve access to the latest tools and infrastructure.

Built for Team Productivity

Make all work easy to find and reproduce, foster collaboration, and track all aspects of data science work.

Faster Innovation

Automate the full lifecycle, enforce best practices, and speed up delivery of high-quality model.

Estimate Your ROI from Domino

Consider the numbers:

  • Domino saves over 200 hours per year per data scientist
  • A data scientist with Domino is productive in 1 day vs. 2 weeks
  • Domino saves an average of 40 hours for each model validation
  • Domino reduces rebuilding time by 60 hours per model

Answer 6 questions and get a high-level estimate of the value Domino can deliver to YOUR organization based on the results of the Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) of the Domino Enterprise MLOps platform.

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