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Product Updates

Domino Model Monitor: Your Questions, Answered

By Samit Thange, Senior Product Manager, Domino on July 31, 2020 in Product Updates

By Samit Thange6 min read

Product Updates

Domino Model Monitor now available

Last week, we announced the latest release of Domino’s data science platform which represents a big step forward for enterprise data science teams. We also announced the availability of an exciting new product – Domino Model Monitor (DMM) – which creates a “single pane of glass” to monitor the performance of all models across your entire organization. DMM gives companies the peace of mind to know that the models they’re basing strategic decisions on are healthy, so there is no negative impact on the business, customer satisfaction, and so on.

By Bob Laurent7 min read

Product Updates

Domino Receives SOC 2 Type II Certification

By Thomas Robinson, VP of Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives, Domino on May 28, 2020 in Product Updates

By Thomas Robinson5 min read

Product Updates

Kubernetes-native Domino Sets the Foundation for the Future

Embracing the future, Domino is now Kubernetes-native and ready to fluidly support innovations yet to come. The benefits of Kubernetes and the core values of Domino are solidly aligned - flexibility, reliability, cost reduction, and avoidance of vendor and tool lock-in. Knowing the importance that Kubernetes will play in Enterprise IT architecture in the next five years and beyond, our engineering team took on the task of fully replatforming Domino.

By Domino Data Lab4 min read

Product Updates

More Flexibility with Domino's Open Data Science Platform: Visual Studio Code Now Supported

By Chuck Head, Director, Customer Onboarding, Domino on October 14, 2019 in Product Updates

By Chuck Head2 min read

Product Updates

AWS and Domino Data Lab: Containerized Data Science in AWS Utilizing Kubernetes

In this “This Is My Architecture” video, Ozzy Johnson, deputy chief technology officer at Domino Data Lab shows how Domino provides containerized data science solutions for customers of any size and regulation need. You will see how Domino leverages infrastructure as code through Terraform and Jinja to build out a data science environment that works in highly customized environment through containerizing with Docker and Kubernetes. Ozzy will also cover how Domino Data Lab works in both AWS and on premise environments, while leveraging the benefits of AWS services like S3, EC2 and ELB to gain the benefits of high availability and security and shorten the development time in AWS.

By Domino Data Lab1 min read

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