Data Science Workbench

Domino automates time-consuming DevOps tasks and empowers your team to focus on data science.

Our open and interoperable platform provides one-click access to your preferred tools, languages, and compute. Easily find and reuse past projects, models, and code to accelerate your productivity with complete confidence that every project is fully reproducible to solve the “works on my machine” problem.

Self serve development environments

1-click access to your data, tools, and powerful compute like GPUs. Use open-source & commercial tools for cutting-edge data science work

Centralize & Reuse Knowledge

Find and reuse models, projects, data and features across teams to reduce time to value. Automatically track and easily rehydrate all materials for any project

Scale AI across the Enterprise

Empower every team to leverage the expertise of others to do more with code generation, project templates that share and enforce best practices, and more.

Screenshots of Domino Workspaces

Domino Workspaces

Self serve development environments for modern data science

  • Access all your favorite tools like Jupyter, JupyterLab, RStudio, SAS, VSCode, or MATLAB in one place.
  • Use Domino Code Assist to generate Python or R code for common data transformation, machine learning and visualization tasks.
  • Use auto-scaling compute clusters (Spark, Ray, Dask, GPUs and more) for large-scale data prep and model training.
  • Run workloads in any cloud or on-premises with faster access to necessary data and compute.
Screenshots showing collaboration tools


Supercharge your team productivity

  • Find and reuse models in a central model registry.
  • Get started quickly on new projects with reusable templates or clone existing projects with guaranteed reproducibility of code, data, environments and more.
  • Share definition of the truth for computing complex ML features with an integrated feature store.
  • Built in git integration and threaded discussions enable seamlessly working together.

Reproducibility and Reuse

Scale AI across the enterprise

  • Automatically track and version all the materials you need including data, code, models, software packages, and parameters. Easily troubleshoot issues and ensure reproducibility for audit purposes.
  • Easily find and reuse past work, with everything you need to reproduce it at scale, empowering junior data scientists and streamlining your team's workflow.
  • Define and reuse standard data assets with a Feature Store and file-based Datasets, making it easier to work with data across your organization and ensure consistency.
  • Streamline the onboarding of new hires by making standards easily discoverable and accessible, reducing ramp-up time and accelerating time-to-productivity.
Screenshots showing experimentation features


Streamline the iterative modeling process

  • Integrated workflows for data exploration, experimentation and deploying models to production
  • Track your model training progress with integrated MLFlow, giving you complete visibility into your models' performance and making it easier to troubleshoot issues.
  • Automate hyperparameter tuning with built-in RayTune, freeing up your team's time to focus on higher-value tasks and improving model performance.
  • Standardize your business logic with an integrated feature store powered by Feast, making it easier to work with data and models across your organization.

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