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Vinay Sridhar

Vinay Sridhar is a Principal Product Manager at Domino. He focuses on model productionization and monitoring with an aim to help Domino customers derive business value from their ML research efforts. He has years of experience building products that leverage ML and cloud technologies.


How to Use GPUs & Domino 5.3 to Operationalize Deep Learning Inference

Deep learning is a type of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that imitates how humans learn by example. While that sounds complex, the basic idea behind deep learning is simple. Deep learning models are taught to classify data from images (such as “cat vs. dog”), sound (“meow vs. bark”), or text (“tabby vs. schnauzer”). These models build a hierarchy where each layer is based on knowledge gained from the preceding layer, and iterations continue until its accuracy goal is reached. Deep learning models often achieve accuracy that rivals what humans can determine, in a fraction of the time.

By Vinay Sridhar6 min read

Product Updates

Build, Deploy, and Monitor Models in Snowflake

Introducing End-to-End Data Science with Snowflake Snowpark

By Vinay Sridhar6 min read

Product Updates

Domino 5.0: Accelerate the Root Cause Analysis of Model Drift

Introducing Automated Model Quality Insights in Domino 5.0

By Vinay Sridhar5 min read

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