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Speeding cars at night in Hong Kong (Photo by Jimmy Chan:

Crush Pandas Speed Barriers with NVIDIA GPUs on Domino

See how NVIDIA's RAPIDS v23.10 revolutionizes AI workloads with GPU-accelerated Pandas on Domino, offering massive speed boosts and data handling efficiency.

By Yuval Zukerman4 min read

Data Science

Polars - A lightning fast DataFrames library

We have previously talked about the challenges that the latest SOTA models present in terms of computational complexity. We've also talked about frameworks like Spark, Dask, and Ray, and how they help address this challenge using parallelization and GPU acceleration.

By Nikolay Manchev7 min read

Data Science

Data Exploration with Pandas Profiler and D-Tale

We all have heard how data is the new oil. I always say that if that is the case, we need to go through some refinement process before that raw oil is converted into useful products. For data, this refinement includes doing some cleaning and manipulations that provide a better understanding of the information that we are dealing with.

By Dr J Rogel-Salazar15 min read

Data Science

Themes and Conferences per Pacoid, Episode 11

Paco Nathan's latest article covers program synthesis, AutoPandas, model-driven data queries, and more.

By Paco Nathan20 min read

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