Anaconda + Domino

AI Governance from Secure Package Management to Model Development and Production

Achieve end-to-end model providence

with full governance, security, and reproducibility from model development to deployment.

Build AI responsibly

by securing code, OSS pipeline governance tools, data, and best practices to stay ahead of the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

Balance innovation and governance

across end-to-end data science operations.

At every stage of the process, from selecting open source software (OSS) packages to building models and beyond, a comprehensive approach to security and governance ensures peace of mind for both organizations and customers.

With proper measures in place, businesses can confidently use data science tools without fear of compromised or breached information. By prioritizing model optimization and protection at every step along through the model lifecycle, companies can truly build and operate AI at scale.

Together, Domino and Anaconda provide the confidence needed that the models you produce incorporate security and governance best practices.

Access Anaconda's Python Distribution in Domino

  • Domino users gain seamless access to the complete and secure Anaconda OSS Python/R package repository without the need for a separate enterprise license.
  • Anaconda’s Python Distribution with TOS-compliant license is available to Domino at no additional cost.

Data Science Freedom + Enterprise Control

  • Instant, self-serve access to the open-source Python and R tools used across every industry.
  • Faster time-to-value with reduced costs & complexity.
  • Improved governance and explainability.

Contact your Domino account team to enable Anaconda in your Domino environment.

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